About Me

Authentic leader. Inspiring mentor. 
Unconventional creative.  
Conceptual designer. Strategic visionary. 

The real substance describing myself is passion—a passion
for new ideas and the relentless drive to make them real.

My intention is to capture a brand’s personality by developing comprehensive
and compelling brand identities and bringing it to life visually.
I am a fan of clean, simple design with high attention to detail and a dash of humor.
Furthermore, I believe that with the right team you can conquer any challenge. 

I also believe that ice cream and
Dachshunds can cure nearly everything.

KEY AREAS: Art & Photo Art Direction, Corporate and Small Business Branding, Creative Brainstorming, Conceptual Design, B2C and B2B Advertising & Marketing Communication, Creative liaison, Brand management, Brand development, Presentation, Trusted Business & Creative Advisor, Integrating Stakeholder Requests, Continuous Process Improvement, Web Design & Digital Marketing, Internal/External Customer Service, Maintaining Deadlines & Budgets, Team Leadership & Mentoring, Vendor & Freelance Management